Animatie Studio Werp / Portfolio van Klaas Lageveen

For local Noise-punk artist Myson we made a musicvideo for the song ‘Personal Attributes’.
The basic idea was that John is going to his rehearsel space while being followed and herrased by a crudely drawn ‘rabbit’ which is also the logo for the band.
We shot the footage, intergrated the animation of the rabbits in de shots and did some matte painting work on a few shots aswell.




Complete credits.

Video by Klaas Lageveen and John Castelijn
Shot, edited and animated by Klaas Lageveen Studio Werp –
Set assistant: Marjolein Stegeman
Shot at Studio Werp and on location around Zaltbommel and ‘s-Hertogenbosch, NL

The lone wanderer – John Castelijn
Marine Corps drop-out – John Castelijn
Hot Soviet girl – John Castelijn
Continuity disruptor – John Castelijn

Special thanks and once again apologies to the lady I hit in the nose with my guitar bag

Personal Attributes From the EP “1.3”
Music & lyrics by John Castelijn
Recorded by Raymon Dreessens
Mixed by John Castelijn & Raymon Dreessens / Nikki Nijsten
Mastered by John Castelijn (& Raymon Dreessens)
Raymon Dreessens is now recording as Sonic Cholo Recordings

John Castelijn – Guitar and vocals Robodrums v3 – Drums 2017