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Alles Flex? – The Future of Work

‘Alles Flex?’ is the first episode of a 4 part web documentary series The Future of Work.
Filmmakers Abel Heijkamp (NL) and Julij Borštnik (SI) explore the possible consequences of the current flexibilisation of our life-world. It draws upon the personal accounts of flex workers and flex tenants of different ages and walks of life. What kind of society are we fostering when existential security is no longer a right, but a privilege for those who can afford it?

Read more on the website: thefutureofwork.eu of facebook.com/The-Future-of-Work-610106835718633/

Voor deze documentaire verzorgden we de titels en het grafisch ontwerp. De tweede episode wordt dit jaar beschikbaar.

The Future of Work” is a collaboration between artists Julij Borštnik (SI) and Abel Heijkamp (NL) and organizations KUD Mreža (SI), Projekthaus Potsdam-Babelsberg (GE) and Zaaigrond filmproductions (NL).

The project received funding from the European Cultural Foundation (ECF)

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