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 The Outer Boroughs

For the comedy, horror webseries ‘The Outer Buroughs’ I was asked to make a few matte-painting shots and a digital set extension..

The Outer Boroughs – Something Wicked

Directed by: Eugene Lehnert
Written by: Michael J. Furth, Eugene Lehnert, Daniel Wolfe
Original Score by: Landon Knoblock

Upon moving to New York, Dan and Pete quickly realize that the outskirts
of the city are filled with all sorts of ghosts, ghouls and monsters.
Unable to afford living in the protected borough of Manhattan
the two friends are forced to move to the supernatural infested world of…
The Outer Boroughs.

Full Episode: theouterboroughs.com


In Opdracht van: 1.21 Gigawatt Productions.

Animatie • Karakter animatie • Rigging • Ontwerp • Illustratie • Regie • Ok en Knul